patagonian skate

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The Southern Red King Crab, also known as Santolla, has a delicate flavor and a rich meat texture. The Southern Hemisphere’s King Crab, has a snowy white meat with a beautiful scarlet red membrane. Off the coast of Argentina this wild-caught, all-natural product is immediately harvested, cooked, and frozen out at sea to insure freshness.

Santolla is a thriving fishery that is fully traceable. Active and ongoing management ensures that only officially licensed boats with the appropriate permits can be harvesters.

Product Form: Leg & Claw

20/up ct. (approximate 35 count, 70 legs or less per 20# case)
No more than 8% Broken
Packaging: 1 x 10 lbs.

                   1 x 20 lbs

Species: Santolla Red Crab (Lithodes santolla)

Harvest: Wild

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